Monday, October 29, 2012

Night Out

A few weeks ago Glen and I took our first real trip out together without Aurora. I know a lot of people leave their kids with friends and family sooner (and we have while my mum was here/when we visited her for short trips to the grocery store) but for various reasons we haven't left Aurora for longer than an hour or so. The big occasion was because our favourite band Something for Kate was touring. We've seen Paul Dempsey (the lead singer) do solo shows a few times before but it was the first time I've seen them as a group. Glen turned me on to SFK while we were still friends talking online and promptly sent me all their albums and got me hooked. I think I've been waiting about 5 years to see them live.

There are only great things I can say about SFK & Paul. They put on an awesome show and sound incredible live. It was one of the first times that a concert has flown by and I wasn't standing around thinking about how sore my feet and knees were. I was actually sad we didn't have tickets for the other two shows on the following days. I was also glad of one of Glen's funny concert quirks. As soon as he buys tickets for a concert he starts non-stop playing that artist's albums. SFK's newest album came out a week or so before the concert and due to Glen's album pumping I knew the words to most of their new songs. It definitely made the concert more enjoyable knowing all the songs.

I'm so glad they're a local band (local to Melbourne even!) because that means I'll hopefully get a chance to see them more now that they have a new album out.

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