Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A bit of woodwork!

I've had this pattern for a helping tower bookmarked for ages. It seem like the perfect thing to have in the kitchen - especially when just pulling up a chair isn't possible or practical. Before we built one of these things we did try the chair route but our chairs have a slight slope backwards that was always putting Aurora off balance. We also have a gate up across the kitchen so dragging chairs in was always a but of a hassle.

We ran into a few hiccups with imperial vs metric lumber sizes but managed to find what we needed and I asked if my FIL would be able to help with the sawing and tool using side of things.

All the wood ready to go!
My FIL cut all the pieces (minus the arches and curved support bits) the day before and then I went over around midday and we got to work. It took about 8ish hours to get it all built but I'm sure someone with more woodworking experience would be able to get it done quicker (unbeknownst to me FIL had never done any sort of woodworking before).

The next day I set to work filling holes and sanding everything and then put a few coats of primer on before putting the colour on.

Trying it out before it gets sanded and painted.

Holes filled and a few coats of primer!
Last coat drying in the sun!

I'm absolutely thrilled with how it turned out and I know we'll be using it for years to come. Aurora is pretty thrilled with it too.

Yay! (She's standing on a towel so she doesn't slip on the water)

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