Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Toddler Tuesday at Werribee Zoo

We organised a trip to Werribee Zoo today with six girls from mothers group for "Toddler Tuesdays". They do a bunch of kid geared activities like a "junior safari". We had never been for this specific event so I wasn't sure what to expect. Well, it was A LOT of fun!

We all met around 10am with hopes to get on the 10:15 safari but we missed out so we all went on the 11:15 one (thankfully we waited to go in otherwise we all wouldn't have been able to get on the same tour). Before our tour we went into the Aussie animal section and checked out the emus (the kangaroos were hiding again), after that we went and got a snack and some drinks and sat and ate to kill some time before our tour. They have a meerkat enclosure right at the cafe which was great for the kids.
The tour bus we went on was decorated with vines and stuffed animals and each seat had two animal hand puppets to play with. We sang songs and played with puppets during the ride. Aurora wasn't too into the animals out the window this time as there was so much going on in the bus but that was fine, you could tell she was having a lot of fun! I think some animal hand puppets are going on her Christmas list!

This photo doesn't do it justice, it was seriously cool in there!
After the safari we put down a couple picnic blankets and all sat to eat. By that time a lot of the babies were getting cranky so after we ate and let them crawl around a bit we buckled them into the prams and off we went. Aurora was asleep within 5 minutes and missed the rest of the zoo!

These signs crack me up! I didn't notice this one last time!
Thankfully the rest of the zoo isn't that big so we went and saw the last few animals and then left, we were home at 1:30. They have a stage with music and stuff set up and we might've stayed to take part in that if the babies were in a better mood.

I think if we ever find ourselves without anything to do on a Tuesday we'll head over to Werribee Zoo and jump on a safari tour!

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