Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Playsilks and Dye Fun

I've been wanting to get Aurora some playsilks for months now (since just before her birthday) but couldn't justify the cost of buying them from someone despite how much I knew she'd love them - I thought about buying fabric to make some but the thought of hemming them all put me off. A blogger I follow reminded me that I could do it myself by posting about her homemade playsilks.

Dharma trading to the rescue with undyed silks and silk hankies and I got to use some of my enormous kool-aid stash.

Picking colours. All my kool-aid bagged by colour.

I dyed 10 30x30" silks, 12 hankies (a 30x30 silk and a hanky of the same colour and then I tie-dyed the two extra hankies) and then two longer silk scarves.

I thought about having Aurora help me but because of the boiling water I decided that I'd surprise her with them after a nap.

I dumped the whole bucket of them on her lap to see what she'd do.

Playing dress-up.

I had a lot of fun doing this and I'd love to get more. I have a ridiculous stash of kool-aid and it would be fun to use some of the colours I didn't get a chance to use this time.
They've gone through the wash once (cold water and handwash cycle) and besides one colour not being quite set and running a bit (damn), the colours are still just as bright.
The kids at MG love them too.

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  1. Hello Megan,

    It's been ages since I've checked in with you. Aurora is just beautiful and must bring you so much joy. I love your blog AND the title :) And the playsilks came out perfect!!! Kool Aid is fun! Dharma is also a great place to get silks.

    Looking forward to hearing more about life down under .. and it's good for me to remember that not everyone has summer when I have summer :P

    All the best,